I’m a nerd through and through. But it’s not just my Harry Potter tattoos, my bucket list being comprised of destinations like Ernest Hemingway’s home, or the fact that my favorite possession is a full set of vintage Charles Dickens. I truly geek out over marketing data and figuring out how to craft creative, effective social strategies from it. I got into marketing for the writing but stayed for the numbers and the chance to learn about industries I never would have thought I’d be passionate about.

With nine years of B2B and B2C social experience, I have a knack for translating business needs and creative ideas into tangible results. I’m passionate about combining story and strategy, making sure every decision begins and ends with data. As an organized, nimble, and quick learner, I have a successful track record leading social strategy, digital content, influencer, and paid social campaigns. I’m able to pitch, strategize, execute, and optimize campaigns with a skillset that includes both project management and analytical thinking.

I enjoy thinking outside of the box and finding inventive ways to reach consumers. I pride myself on being able to tell a brand’s story in a way that fulfills the wants and needs of those consumers. I was tasked with systemizing and scaling the newly formed influencer team. From establishing processes and templates, to determining our philosophies and establishing relationships with key B2B tech influencers, I was able to lay out a roadmap for how the department will scale with each new client and project.

Having recently been laid off, I am currently available for remote and Georgia-based contract and full-time opportunities. Please contact me for a response within 24 hours.